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Amd a10 7870k csgo betting

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The AK takes a comfortable

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Amd a10 7870k csgo betting Lol so I didn't completely read your post as you can probably tell. Windows Question High package temps amd ak apu. Confusingly, there are two models of the R7, both of which are plainly called the R7. Thread starter Arismpak Start date Nov 24,
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Teasers in basketball betting line Clone your old hard drive with acronis software onto a ssd drive again if you don't have an ssd get one, boot up times become instant, games load quicker. The AK is a quad-core part that operates at 3. JavaScript is disabled. Good luck. Just downloaded and tried it now. Windows


Lol so I didn't completely read your post as you can probably tell. Bad pairing. Definitely a cpu bottle neck and to fix it your going to have to switch you mobo, cpu, and ram if you want to get the most out of it. Your probably running ddr3 right now. You could switch to like a k to keep the same mobo but it will still bottleneck your Okay, the consensus is the CPU is bottlenecked.

Will definitely upgrade it. I've already cleaned everything, changed thermal paste, But things didn't get any better. On top of that the CPU fan spins like a helicopter, I can hear it from the other side of the house. And the room's temperature when he plays is Aside from the horrible temperature value The PC is working perfectly fine.

No crashes of any kind, no performance issues, nothing at all. If so upgrade the cooler. Yeah it runs like a tornado and you can hear it from I don't understand how this cooler can't kep the temperatures in a decent range at least. I mean I get that stock coolers aren't the best but I doubt I'll go down to degrees by simply changing the cooler. That's a lot to cut off with a simple air-based cooler I bet. I just logged into Windows with nothing running at all.

This software is known to have inaccurate temperature readings for some products. Have you checked out hwinfo software? Just downloaded and tried it now. But stilll Your cpu voltage is at 1. Thats very high for that cpu. Put it at 1. The only time that ive seen a cpu that needs 1. I tried lowering it but Windows freezes if I get too low. Minimum value I managed to keep alive was 1. Jul 12, - A rivalry for the ages, and a question often asked and wondered about. Jul 5, - Does RAM size and speed affect your gaming performance?

Find out here. Jun 23, - Mid- and high-range builds perform very well for their price, and are better than the entry-level in terms of power, longevity, and reliability, and they offer more bang for your buck especially when looking at their price-by-year advantage. Jun 11, - Pre-built systems are an attractive option for those who are less concerned with the minute details of every component in their build.

Building your own PC is the best solution for those who want full control over every aspect of their build. It provides the most thorough customization options, from the CPU to the fans and lighting. May 23, - The best performance to price value mid-range cpus are here.

Find out more in this comprehensive review and summary of the Core iK vs Ryzen 5 X's capabilities. Find out in this comprehensive review and summary of the Core iK vs Ryzen 7 X's capabilities. May 21, - In this massive comparison across 8 generations of Intel Core i5 series CPUs, we explore the performance improvements by generation and whether it is reasonable or not to upgrade to Intel's latest. We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading.

We don't have any banner, Flash, animation, obnoxious sound, or popup ad. We do not implement these annoying types of ads! Please add cpuagent. Mid-range Desktop processor released in with 4 cores and 4 threads. With base clock at 3. AK is based on the Kaveri 28nm family and part of the A10 series.

Table of Contents. Quick Compare or Changes Setup and Settings. Change Resolution p p 4K Ultrawide p. Balazi August 29, I have a Kaveri Build myself. Pstratto August 21, I'd go with an i3 build with a x. Shapitizer August 10, Yes, but you should wait for the coffee lake CPUs to release on the 5th then see how they compare to ryzen. Sebastiangamer August 26, When I overclocked my k from 3. Sebastiangamer September 15, If I can't find a fix soon, I'm going to try 4. Cum04 July 18, New build working mostly flawlessly, but having some strange game specific issues.

What I've tried so far: Switching between fullscreen and borderless windowed - this seems to fix the problem but it comes back a minute later Uninstalling the long war mod, which I thought might be causing it - No dice, happens in vanilla and long war Turning vsync off - No effect Reverting my radeon settings profile to having all optional graphic settings off - No effect. Linclin July 11, Disable freesync if it's on? No 32 gb. Will this fit the new am4 socket?

No it is totally different cpu socket. Failed to get answers. Ok the way to speed is first make sure you have a solid state drive for hard drive. Your A6 is socket fm2. A10 k. Wastes some of its self on cpu graphics which are no good for your purpose and do not crossfire w… see more Ok the way to speed is first make sure you have a solid state drive for hard drive.

Wastes some of its self on cpu graphics which are no good for your purpose and do not crossfire with your gpu. I tried crossfire also with r7 Waste of time for gaming. Low settings gaming everything was blurred. Only certain games were acceptable. I prefer p gaming just my opinion. You only pay more for a10 because of cpu graphics. Best thing is you don't have to change your motherboard.

X4 k is also fm2 socket. Your ram is fine also. Don't waste money there you will not see a noticeable gain. Clone your old hard drive with acronis software onto a ssd drive again if you don't have an ssd get one, boot up times become instant, games load quicker. If you got a old spinning hard drive that sounds super load and gravel sounding it because it's grinding and will fail soon the disk and arm inside not well.

I have a athlon x4 would it be worth it to upgrade to this. There is a great resource on the web, cpubenchmark. So in the case of the AK vs. Athlon X4 , just in terms of pure performance, the AK is superior its rating is while the Athlon X4 is But when taking into c… see more There is a great resource on the web, cpubenchmark.

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Heat sink is actually ok. Runs Tomb Raider, Watchdogs, Skyrim and other games with Xbox controller at high or mid settings at p. It's a beast. It uses what you give it. Heat is a minor factor. I replaced the default fan on the provided heat sink and put ONE case fan 80mm in exhaust and I"m getting C idle and maxing at 54c under load. It's running like a champ. Runs the with headroom. I haven't OCed it yet but will in a year to six months and report back.

I suppose if there is any "CON" it's that it's a relatively weak cpu to modern standers. About the same as an old i7 Yet both cpus are still legit for the majority of computing. Overall Review: Would highly recommend. Temps on idle are C, Temps under load are 58C max.

This is inside a home theater cabinet enclosure. Very impressed. Temps and noise with a low profile GTX ti were alarming. The graphic benefit was very impressive but so was the noise. In the cabinet it was very loud. Likely any option will be as loud or louder then the GTX ti.

Bottom line if you plan to PC game with high end graphics in the living room get ready for a wind tunnel. EDIT: Fixed my sound issues by getting a larger case that could accommodate larger fans. Running 3x mms Noctura fans now and a gtx from Gigabyte.

The Nocturas' keep the from spinning up its fans while watching HD video indefinitely. I love this little chip! Will Overclock it soon and report back. Pros: Runs fast, built in video is great for desktop performance. I don't have a need for gaming with it so can't speak to that effect. Lots of head room for bigger screens. Can do 2k 60hz which is good for the next few yrs but I likely won't even have a need for that as this is in my file server.

Cons: Runs very hot with stock cooler. I literally paid the extra to get this apu with this oem quiet cooler but will have to replace the cooler anyway! I can't imagine gaming with this thing on the stock cooler. I would blow up for sure. Watching movies takes the cpu to 70 degrees. Overall Review: I honestly feel like i will need to replace the stock cooler with something better.

I started a movie and noticed that the cpu temp shot up to 73 degrees so this cooler has to go. This cpu is in my file server so I don't ever watch movies on it but it shouldn't have gone up that high. This cpu was to upgrade and update my file server a little as I wanted the on-board graphics. This pc has no expansion cards inside the case at all and is housed in a Fractal Define Mini.

I am really disappointed with this fact. All I changed on my file server was Motherboard, apu, and memory. That was it. So I pulled out the old stuff as a set and put the new parts in. Old cpu was an Athlon II x3 But I bought that without a stock cooler and used an Arctic Cooling freezer 7 pro which worked very well. I'll definitely get one of those for this APU.

I'm so bothered by having to buy another cpu cooler that I had to come and write this review. I generally don't bother with writing reviews but I wanted others to know that if you buy this APU then buy an aftermarket cooler immediately and have them delivered together. Cons: The default fan given in the package will not do the job, go for a liquid cooling system instead!!!

Sold by: Newegg Shipped by Newegg. This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked. Out of Stock. Add To Wish List. Are you an E-Blast Insider? Get Educated. Close double click image to zoom in. Dustin E. Verified Owner. AMD Did Well! Cons: None! Did you? Stephen C. For the money, it's a great buy! FreeSync requires both a compatible graphics adapter and monitor, and once they are paired, FreeSync will get rid of tearing while maintaining smooth game play.

Did you download Windows 10 recently? While AMD did show off multi-adapter technology, I have yet to get a demo where I can see it in action. It seems like a great technology that would allow the integrated and discrete GPUs to work together on the same frame, allowing you to utilize all graphics adapters in the system for the same game.

This price makes it an extremely aggressive CPU for integrated graphics gaming, especially when compared to similarly priced Intel offerings. The boxed cooler is actually a very good value considering the final price of the product. It can support some minor CPU overclocking. I used the stock cooler for the stock testing, but at 4. I decided to include three other CPUs in testing. I made a video of the technology which will be shown later in the review. For the benchmarks, I decided that out of the box performance was just as important as clock for clock performance.

I will cover how I overclocked the APU later on in the review. PCMark 8 : Photoshop Test. In PCMark the K holds its own against the i7, and overclocking does provide noticeable gains. The K falls where one would expect if you judge the performance based on price, but sometimes it will surprise with performance closer to the i7, while its price is closer to the Pentium. HandBrake and Hybrid show that the quad-core performance of the K is actually quite good, especially considering the low price of the K compared to the K.

Resident Evil 6 Benchmark. Lost Planet 2 Benchmark. The K clearly has better integrated graphics than both the other contenders, and it shows in the benchmarks, but when the CPU is very important to the score, the K can take the lead. For the Windows 10 section I switched out the i7 K for the i7 C, and then increased the resolutions for all tests to P, so increase the chances for graphics bottlenecks by the CPU, this way I can see how much CPU processing power effects scores.

Grand Theft Auto: V. There are a few surprises to be seen. In the Draw Cell test in 3DMark the C does considerably better than the K, which is basically the opposite when there is no discrete card. Grand Theft Auto:V. When you take the price difference between the C and the K into account, then the K shows its strong value. The benefits of FreeSync are more noticeable in person, and it really does reduce tearing, and it provides smoother video than V-Sync alone.

I think it's a pretty cool technology, and if you have a capable monitor and graphics adapter, you should definitely give it a shot. I decided to overclock the memory with D. C, which once enabled will input the correct timings for your memory. I set the CPU voltage to 1.

C , but you can tinker with those if you like. You are supposed to maintain a specific ratio between the NB and DRAM frequencies, so keep that in mind when overclocking. This is the CPU-Z validation of the 4.

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One of the best ways to approach this is to predict the next eSports titles and ensure there is a way to test both fairly and accurately by working with the developer — ultimately that is something difficult for the media to do. A lot of readers will consider that the Kaveri Refresh outlay, one SKU now and some more down the road, is a holdover towards Zen and the next architecture update from AMD coming in Two things currently grip the processor audience: performance and efficiency.

The hope, as always, is that the major x86 players can deliver over the old with the new. We will wait and see. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site. All rights reserved. Log in Don't have an account? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Lost your password? Metro, as we discovered around one year ago, murders 0.

This seems to be an issue almost exclusively relegated to Metro: Last Light's benchmark and, in this regard, shouldn't be used to extrapolate performance expectations of all games; in fact, we often see that eight threads hardly yield any advantage over four. Now, obviously, buyers of a K aren't going to be pairing it with a Ti — but we can see the clear limitation in its performance output.

Now, normally, we run these tests with one cooler to see the absolute differences between CPUs — but we decided to equip each APU with its stock cooler for these tests, given AMD's recent and heavy emphasis on the Wraith. The K ran the Wraith, which proved significantly more capable than the smaller, more compact Cooler Master unit that was included with the K.

The range is just 3. Thus, measurements above are actually tCase, not tJunction, which is what we'd prefer to measure — but we had trouble getting to the tJunction values for these tests. Anyone who's read-through our AK review may find themselves bored of the conclusion — and you're not alone. The problem, of course, is that the K is not the K; it's slower, marginally at times — noticeably at others, and is now being threatened by AMD's own Athlon X4 K.

But that's not true for everyone. For some folks, all that's required is the absolute minimum gaming performance for more simplistic titles, then reliable service as a media box for the rest. As we said in the K review, if gaming is really of nearly no interest or, at least, high-end gaming , the APUs can be argued for HTPCs as a means to reduce overall cost, power draw, and size, while retaining minimally required gaming capabilities.

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There will be some delay after submitting a comment. YouTube Channel Tweet Us! Toggle navigation Home. AMD AK vs. Shadow of Mordor - Ultra preset. DOTA2 - Medium on the sliders, other settings as below. GTA V - Lowest normal. All tests had the resolution set to p.

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