jehovah cs go betting guide

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Jehovah cs go betting guide los vegas sports betting

Jehovah cs go betting guide

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Csgo community matchmaking bot - if 'match', the bot won't. You probably shouldn't even reply to these posts. Everyone knows reports don't do anything with certain people. Replying in these threads just make you look like a liar, just ignore them. I constantly report 1 partnered streamer in particular for this among other obvious dress code violations but nothing is ever done. Twitch doesn't care if partners break the rules as long as they are making Twitch money.

These double standards need to end. You sound like a high school teacher complaining to administration about a kid with holes in their jeans or spaghetti straps. Stop watching if you don't like. If not caring what other people do with their free time makes me a scumbag, I guess I'm guilty.

Seems like an odd interpretation of the word though. I would also spell hey correctly in all hypothetical situations. So someone reports a stream for a violation of the twitch rules and you say he should stop whining and don't watch it not literally obv.

You went on reddit to tell someone what to do or what not to do and then argue you don't care what anybody does. No I told the guy that went to the same stream and repeatedly reported them for dress code violations he sounded lame. I told the guy who likened CS:Gamble to scumbaggery I don't care what others do in their free time.

I should have said I don't care enough about what others do in their free time to try and censure their expressions on Twitch. I offered a much better alternative. Why go somewhere that you know will offend you so much you have to tell on them? Just go to another stream and let them do what they want in their stream. Well its part of the game, streams just sitting for a few minutes is bad but gambling is bad.

Maybe you guys should actually do something about it. People report It constantly yet nothing happens. I think this is very silly.. Sometimes streamers forget to change the title of their game or its just a hassle to change it. Why should someone twitch to a different gambling channel then can stream CSGO betting?

Either allow csgo betting on twitch or don't allow it. LEAVE the channel its simple thats why their is 1. Go watch someone else if you want to see gameplay.. People should be able to stream whatever they want as long as its allowed in the rules. Makes 0 sense to change titles then you're allowed to stream gambling WTF?? Waste of time for streamers like me to have to switch back and forth between doing bets for maybe an hr then playing some comp..

Oh this policy just covers non partners, because Twitch does fuck all to partnered channels who break the rules UNLESS there is a blowup reddit thread. Ok what about people painting 3d printed guns, gambling in game in csgo case openings do qualify as gambling just sitting there talking to there stream kittyplaysgames or what about watching youtube videos while waiting for a rank-s que to pop Steeltv, godazed, Those are all non csgo gameplay?

I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Throwing my support in for a separate Gambling section.

I agree this thread is redundant since the same issue was brought up a couple of days ago in another thread. Why does anyone care? For myself, I get many more viewers when I make the TF2 launch page, which features the top 5 streamers in the TF2 category. One of these spots is always taken by a "bet fake money on fake bots playing idiotic fake matches" channel.

No human content whatsoever and let's get real, it's not about gaming, either. This issue directly impacts the number of viewers I get. Online gambling is apparently a thing among gamers, so I think it's appropriate for Twitch to streamline their site and have a Gambling section I too am wondering why people are so offended by this. Sure, a separate gambling section would be great, but people are talking about reporting players gambling, reporting players for dress code, etc.

Seriously, calm down everyone. This isn't school, it's the internet. Somebody being "out of dress code" isn't harming you in any way. Someone gambling skins isn't harming you in any way. I see talks of people worried about "the children". Well, really, children should not be watching streams of CS:GO in the first place, so it's not the streamers fault if you feel they're a bad influence on a young audience as they cannot control who views their stream.

I think people need to take a step back and really figure out what their actual frustrations are because if a Twitch dress code violation and someone gambling skins are at the top of your mental breakdown list it's time to re-prioritize your life for a bit. Also - no, I don't gamble skins or stream gambling on Twitch. I just think this sub has a tendency to blow things out of proportion or complain and rant and report anybody about anything in the hopes that some big partnered streamer dropping from their favorite games listings will bump their stream to the top.

It won't. There's a poker and a blackjack and a roulette section. Why not just combine it all together including CS:GO gambling under a "Gambling" section and then sort it using hashtags like in the Creative section? Because "gambling" has an innate negative connotation in a lot of countries and it would be a PR nightmare, probably.

If it was such a PR problem, then Twitch wouldn't allow gambling at all. I'm just asking for some organization. Your right, they're card games. But they're still commonly associated with gambling. If you are betting money on your stream, and that's the main focus, then your stream should be categorized as such. Gambling isn't wrong. Currently everything involving CS:GO is in the same category with maps etc. And it wouldn't be wise from Twitch side to get this down currently imo.

Since CS:GO is really picking up financially better than any game ever since it has so many businesses running behind it. Ever since the banning of revealing clothing I think they are trying to work away from the "bad stuff for kids" image for investors and stuff. I don't think they personally mind it at all, but they have to keep their professional image up somehow.

When you say gambling, do you mean on other sites, or just opening cases in game? I see the latter happen very often on the really big streams, and I find that annoying, but at least I could see it being passable since its 'in game'. The other csgo betting sites should really not be allowed, I agree, but Twitch doesn't seem to have alot of monitoring in place.

People also stream just Casino games, so i think Twitch does allow it. I warned someone in their chat about this and they banned me from chat. All while being loud and obnoxious. They are one of the top streamers. Not being into CS:GO in the slightest, what exactly do you mean gambling? Like, betting on the outcome of competitive matches?

Does this apply titles as well? He then procceded to send a message that said people should get a refund for their sub and he got perma'd. If people paid to sub her, they know what she streams and doesn't stream. So yeah, saying that they deserve a refund for it is pretty much stupid. It is something that is really tough to keep track of.

There is just so much volume to go through that sometimes it might be missed. I also think that for the most part, people who are gambling for a part of their stream also end up playing it, which might complicate things further. Top streamers are missed? They definitely aren't, but the TOS enforcement is very different with partnered streamers. They get something like 3 warnings before anything actually happens. I understand the issues, but can we please not have these posts on a weekly basis?

I enjoy the sub-reddit, but these are just annoying. I think the point is that reporting them and moving on isn't actually doing anything. If reporting and moving on worked I'm sure it would be the end of this. But Twitch doesn't seem to enforce the rules and bringing attention to that here seems to be one of the only ways to try and fix it.

This sub-reddit is not run by twitch itself, it is just like most sub-reddits. Complaining here about it is essentially the same thing as reporting them. It's a pointless waste of time. Until twitch gets in legal trouble, they won't do anything about the gambling.

People need to shut up about this shit. Why do you care? If not then clearly they are there for the streamer then. Dumb answer. Streamers should steam under the game they are playing. That's the whole point of Twitch. If people put more energy into their own channels instead of complaining about other channels Your point? They choose not to stream, they choose what to watch. So move on? Honestly the people complaining about this are probably the ones who are mad that can't do the same thing and get the same attention as the ones they are complaining about.

It doesn't affect their lives whatsoever that someone is gambling on cases in CSGO. They're mad for no reason, or that the "rules are being broken", like hello? Go into the real world see how far that gets you. Oh rules are broken in the real world. Oh gee wiz I guess we can all break the rules then. I don't watch Comedy Central to watch a sports game, so I can get mad if I see a sports game.

Also placement is everything on big games like CSGO. I agree, streamers should correctly identify what they are playing. But any form of punishment for not doing this seems too aggressive because, as I said above, I don't see a whole lot of damages. Also I know when I switch games during a stream I will update my dashboard but for whatever reason my listing does not change.

I have twitch on almost all the time when I am at home and I have literally never seen anyone get in trouble for not being in the right category. I have seen streamers mention not wanting to get in trouble, but that's about it.

Also, why would Twitch introduce a gambling category? Why would they want to condone clearly bad habits when a lot of their viewers aren't even old enough to gamble yet?

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