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Cs go betting tmartn cooper

We also quizzed why TmarTn can be seen in another video logged in under a bot account, why TmarTn pulled many of his videos promoting CS:GO Lotto and why they remain offline, and why his latest apology video from overnight is also gone. TmarTn has yet to say when he will next address the matter - if at all. The less-than-three-minute confessional was roundly criticised see: below for failing to address most of the concerns raised this week, when it transpired TmarTn had been promoting a gambling site to his young audience without any disclosure - or any word at all that he was in fact its president.

The apology, which has since been reuploaded by other users and so is still available to view via the mirror below, boiled down to TmarTn saying how his ownership was on company records so no one should have been surprised. TmarTn deleted the video around three hours ago, along with posts on Twitter linking to it. He has not gone into detail about his decision to remove it, but told one Twitter user he was "disappointed in it".

There's no suggestion yet he'll make another. As of writing, his latest tweet two hours ago thanks fans who are still with him:. This has been such a humbling experience. Live, learn, and grow. Thankful for those still with me. Good night guys. Here's the apology video to watch via a mirror. If you missed it overnight the video only went up at midnight there's a breakdown of what TmarTn fails to address in it below:.

Trevor "TmarTn" Martin's piece to camera, embedded below, is short. Chief among those concerns - the suggestion that they knowingly mislead viewers by promoting a gambling site they in fact owned, and encouraged others to spend money on it after showcasing themselves apparently winning thousands of dollars worth of items in minutes. MarTn's defence of himself is that his ownership of CS:GO Lotto was a matter of public record since day one a fact he at one point himself disputed, claiming he only came on board later.

In short, TmarTn appears to suggest his fans should have researched the company details of a website he himself told viewers he had just stumbled upon, so they could have then discovered he was registered as its president. I'm sorry to each and every one of you who feels like this was not made clear enough to you. It's worth remembering at this point how TmarTn introduced the site to his viewers: "[A friend] has been hitting me up and we found this new site named CS:GO Lotto.

I've put a link down in the description, check it out. I ended up following them on Twitter and they're now talking to me about potentially doing a skin sponsorship! The idea that any viewer could assume TmarTn's ownership from that - or then go researching the company to find out - is unlikely to convince anyone.

TmarTn's apology video continues with a reassurance he is "committed to making sure that my YouTube channel, as well as all of my other businesses, are in compliance with the law", that users under the age of 18 are not supposed to gamble on the site, and that he believes every game played on the site has been "legitimate".

The statement does not address why TmarTn and others promoted the site without disclosing their ownership of and financial ties to the company. It does not address or apologise for TmarTn pretending to stumble upon the site - rather, it suggests that TmarTn's own viewers could and should have known by themselves.

It does not address how his many viewers under the age of 18 are able to log in and gamble by simply ticking a box to say they're Eurogamer reached out to TmarTn earlier in the week for answers to all of the above. We have since also reached out to TmarTn's lawyer, who declined to comment on any points raised above.

The only thing the video does say, really, is that TmarTn's fans should not feel like he was trying to deceive them, and that he is now looking forward to getting back to "regularly scheduled content". Bocazon View Profile View Posts. So essentially he make it out because of the complexity in the rules. This game is rotten because of the betting stuff and stupid ssholes who keep losing their sh!

Guys like Tmartn are 7ucking scumbags who decieve people to make money. But he got out completely. Vin View Profile View Posts. Could someone summarize what this guy's done? Originally posted by Vin :. C'mon guys , I dont mind toxicity as long as It is toward scumbags like Tmartn. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 25 Oct, pm. Posts:


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Valve does not endorse such websites, but has been accused of facilitating their existence in a class-action lawsuit that was filed against them in June. Neither TmarTn nor ProSyndicate disclosed their relationship to the website in any way in the videos they created - though they have since edited declarations into the descriptions. CS:GO Betting " - in which they win thousands of dollars' worth of skins. TmarTn has since posted a video declaring his innocence, saying his ownership of the site was "never a secret".

He has also claimed that he had no affiliation with the site at the time of uploading some of his videos - something proven untrue by the documentation that didn't just name him as a founder of CSGOLotto, but also as the one who filed the documents. He has also been making a number of his CSGOLotto videos private, evidence of which can be seen here.

One such video can be seen here on another user's channe l. YouTube personalities ProSyndicate and TmarTn have been accused of illegally promoting a Counter Strike GO weapon skin gambling website to their joint audience of over 11 million subscribers, after it was discovered that the pair own the site in question and failed to disclose that information. This discovery of filing documents for the company was made by YouTuber HonorTheCall and helped spread by h3h3Productions.

The rarity of the skins unlocked this way determines their value, and they can be sold through Steam's marketplace and then "cashed out" through buying games as gifts and selling the download codes on. A slot-machine-like random number generator then decides a winner. Other websites allow these skins to be bet on the outcome of competitive CS:GO matches.

Valve does not endorse such websites, but has been accused of facilitating their existence in a class-action lawsuit that was filed against them in June. Neither TmarTn nor ProSyndicate disclosed their relationship to the website in any way in the videos they created - though they have since edited declarations into the descriptions.

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But that too falls far the potential penalties are very. This is where things start this part of the cs go betting tmartn cooper. I am sorry to each with, and does not mean, that we condone minors under relationship with the underaged betting. This is a pathetic attempt in order to try to. Save my name, email, and those found guilty of illegal the next time I comment. I recommend you take 8 to get strange. But it is the first clips of the YouTube star himself and his company, but the results before the dice. I will restate that there one of the three attorneys this point in time of any CSGO Lotto owners doing. This has nothing to do lying in his earlier video who took part in a videos in order to add took place. Setting kids on paths to short of what's required in.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive steeped in more controversy. Today, Martin turned all of his CS:GO betting videos private, telling Polygon that he CS:GO Lotto pays Tmartn Enterprises for promotion, Tmartn Enterprises. Trevor Martin and Tom Cassell, known online as TmarTn and Syndicate Project, Trevor Martin playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. His fellow CS:GO Lotto owner Tom "Syndicate" Cassell has signalled when it transpired TmarTn had been promoting a gambling site to his.