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Craps come betting system sports betting free money no deposit

Craps come betting system

Imagine being at that table. First off, you see a grandma at a craps table about to roll the dice. What are you thinking at this point? I don't know about you guys but i'm thinking she's gonna PSO so i'm gonna bet my favorite system as usual. At this point you still think she's super lucky and carry on, as usual.

Usually after 1 hr of rolling there will be a lot of cheering, the table will be surrounded by spectators, you most likely are gonna be up at least Are you guys getting the visual on the granny story? Granny had the dice for more than 4 hours rolling times. Can you imagine how those people at the table would think of granny now after rolling what she did.

Big difference from the start of it all. Now you know the real craps system. Alter it any way you want but the thing to keep in mind is don't judge a shooter by who they are or what they look like or however they choose to shoot the dice. Last edited by: Laymedown on Mar 27, Sorry for my many daily posts. I am a retired professional and I love to chat about gambling.

I also enjoy reading and can't help but to reply to some fantastic articles. Joined: Dec 5, Threads: 15 Posts: Thanks for this post from:. Joined: Sep 23, Threads: 19 Posts: I don't know what the heck I just read, but it was sure funny and confusing at the same time. I personally feel like a ton of bricks just hit me.

Side note, what the granny did is supposed 1 in a trillion or so odds. I'm not a mathematician, but that's what i heard. I think the most I've had the dice in one steady roll was 57 but who's counting, my friend had the dice for 33 rolls.

Curious what and average time that would be 57 rolls averaging 30 seconds each for the first 20, 60 seconds each for the next 20, 90 seconds each for the last 10 maybe? Joined: Jan 12, Threads: 68 Posts: Let's get this straight. Before a 7 OUT. Certainly she rolled winning 7's on the CO rolls. This page describes those bets along with some of the more exotic and not necessarily recommended other bets.

This is one of the most basic bets in the game. You place a pass line bet before the come-out roll, which is the first roll of the dice in a round of play. If the come-out roll is 7 or 11, the pass line bet wins. This is the opposite of the pass line bet. If any number other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 comes up, a point is set. The come bet basically treats the roll of the dice after a point has been set as if it were another come-out roll.

This the best bet in the game. Taking odds is a bet that can be made any time a point is established. The amount you bet in this case wins if the point is rolled before a 7 is rolled. And unlike every other bet in the casino, the taking odds bet pays out at true odds. There is no house edge. Casinos limit the amount you can wager on taking odds as a multiple of the amount you wagered on the initial pass line or come bet. The higher the multiple, the better deal this bet becomes. This is the opposite of taking odds, and it pays out when the shooter gets a 7 before rolling a point.

The casino has house rules about the max you can bet. Besides the bets already mentioned, the only other good bets at the craps table are place bets. You can make a wager on a place bet on any of the point numbers at any time. The point numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and If the number you chose is rolled before a 7, then you win.

If a 7 rolls before your number, then you lose. These bets do NOT pay out at true odds. The house edge varies based on which number you make a place bet on. If you make a place bet on 6 or 8, then the casino pays out 7 to 6, giving the house an edge of 1. If you make a place bet on 4 or 10, then the casino pays out 9 to 5, giving the house an edge of 6.

The buy bet is the same as a place bet, only it pays out at true odds instead of at the payouts for a place bet. This makes the house edge on all of those bets the same: 4. A put bet allows a player to bet on the pass line after the come-out roll. The player gets to choose her point. Of course, you can achieve the same effect with a buy or place bet.

Many of the bets on a craps table are proposition bets. Just as the bets listed above offer some of the best odds in the casino, the bets listed below offer some of the worst odds in the casino. Most of the proposition bets are one-roll bets—the outcome of the next roll determines a win or loss. A bet on the field is a bet that the next roll will be one of the following: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or The house usually pays out even money for 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, and it usually pays out 2 to 1 for a 2 or Some generous casinos even pay out 3 to 1 for a 2 or The house edge for the usual payout structure is 5.

This is the same thing as a place bet on 6 or a place bet on 8, with one exception. The big 6 and the big 8 bets only pay even money. A place bet on these numbers pays out at 7 to 6. This is what gamblers call a sucker bet. This one change makes the house edge on these two bets 9. Compared with a 1. A hardway bet is placed on an exact combination of dice, and these combinations are pictured on the betting surface of the craps table.

There are four possible hardway bets:. This is a one-roll bet that the next total will be 2, 3, or The bet has a payout of 7 to 1 and a house edge of This is a one-roll bet that the next total will be 7. Each bet is a one-roll wager that the next total will be 11 or 3. In either case, it pays out at 15 to 1 and has a house edge of These are also two separate bets that are more or less the same. Each bet is a one-roll wager that the next total will be 12 or 2.

Either way, it pays out 30 to 1, and the house edge is This is a one-roll bet on the following four numbers: 2, 3, 11, and If any one of these numbers is rolled, you win. The house edge on this one is The house edge is huge and depends on which of the high numbers you choose.

The hop bet is a one-roll bet that the next roll will be a particular combination. You could also bet on another combination, like Most of these bets pay 15 to 1, but the , , and pay 30 to 1. The house edge on the former is As you can see, the best bets at the craps table are the simplest bets. The more complicated bets are for suckers. This page explains both types of craps odds.

We refer to payout odds as the number that a bet pays off, and true odds as the probability that a given outcome will appear. The difference between the true odds and the payout odds is the house edge, which is the number that explains how the casinos stay so probable.

Probability is that branch of mathematics that deals with the likelihood of something happening or not happening. A simple example of a probability is a coin flip. The probability of the result being heads is 0.

The equation for calculating a probability is to divide the number of ways something can happen by the number of total ways it could happen. When rolling dice, you can calculate the odds of rolling a 1 by dividing 1 by 6. There are 6 possible outcomes, but the one you want to know is the chance of rolling a 1.

For example, if you want to calculate the probability of rolling a total of 2 on 2 dice, you would multiply the probabilities of rolling a 1 on the first die by the probability of rolling a 1 on the second die. That would be expressed in odds as 2 to 1. The difference between the true odds and the payout odds is what creates an edge for the casino. And like any other business, casinos exist to make a profit.

For example, if you make a bet on something that has a 3 to 1 chance of happening, and the casino pays out at 2 to 1 on that bet, the casino will make a profit in the long run. You would win once and lose three times. The house edge is usually expressed as a percentage of each bet that you can expect to lose over the long run.

The best bets at the craps table are the ones with the lowest house edge, and luckily, those are also the simplest bets you can make. The house edge on the pass bet and the come bet is 1. When you take odds or lay odds, your bet pays out at true odds. This means the house edge is 0, making this the best bet in the casino. The worst bets at the craps table are the complicated bets. The craps table features countless proposition bets of varying complexity, but here are a few examples of bets with bad odds in craps.

The Big 6 and Big 8 bets offer a house edge of 9. Hardway bets also offer lousy odds. The house edge is either 9. Any time you find a game with bets with a house edge that ranges between 1. The game of craps is unique in a couple of ways. For one thing, the game offers some of the best bets in the casino. For another, it also offers some of the worst bets at the same time. Most casino games either have a high house edge or a low house edge; craps has both. In all other casino games, the only event that you can bet on is the one that happens.

In craps, there are only 12 possible totals, but the probabilities of the various totals vary significantly. This is calculated by multiplying the odds of getting a 1 on the first die with the probability of getting a 1 on the second die. The first is to get a 1 on the first die and a 2 on the second die, and the second is to get a 2 on the first die and a 1 on the second die. You can get a 1 on the first die and 3 on the second. You could also get a 3 on the first die and a 1on on the second.

Or you could get a 2 on both dice. The rest of the totals correspond accordingly. A total of 8 has the same probability as a total of 6. A total of 9 has the same probability as a total of 5. A total of 10 has the same probability as a total of 4. A total of 11 has the same probability as a total of 3, and a total of 12 is exactly as likely as a total of 2.

Expressing a probability as a fraction is just one way to express it. Another way is to express a probability as a decimal. You could also convert that to a percentage, which is very common and quite intuitive. Finally, you can express probabilities in odds format. Understanding that something will happen once every 36 times is intuitive enough when looked at as a fraction.

But 2. Poker players probably prefer to look at that number as odds, which are 35 to 1. There are 35 ways to NOT roll a 2, and only 1 way to roll the 2. Probability matters because of the house edge. Casino games are rigged, as it turns out, but not in the way you think.

The reason casinos are profitable is because they never pay bets out at their true odds of happening. For example, if you place a bet that a 2 is going to come up on the next roll of the dice, the odds of winning are 35 to 1. But this bet pays off at 30 to 1.

The house edge on this particular bet is This number might be meaningless, but you can use it to calculate how much entertainment you see for your dollar. The trick is to maximize the amount of entertainment you get out of the deal. The house edge is Compare that with another game, roulette. Roulette seems like the better game, right? Heck, you can drink a couple of free cocktails an hour and wind up having a lot of fun for very little money at that rate.

Understanding probability and the house edge is the first step to becoming an intelligent gambler. Betting systems of any kind are exercises in futility. No manipulation of your betting amounts can change the fact that all casino games have an insurmountable edge over the house. This includes craps betting systems. The big error that most betting systems make is assuming that the odds of something happening change because of what happened previously. In other games, like roulette and craps, each outcome is an independent event.

The odds of each outcome of each roll remain the same regardless of what happened on the previous one, two, three, or even thirty rolls. These bets are supposed to reduce your risk. For example, you might try to hedge your bet on a pass line bet by also placing a bet on any craps.

You now have 12 ways to win and 24 ways to lose. The way this system works is that you begin by placing a single betting unit on the pass line. If you lose, you bet again, but this time you bet three units. If you lose again, you bet seven units. In other words, any time you lose, you double your last bet and add one unit. And so on. To use this system, you watch the game until there have been four successful pass line bets in a row.


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Gollehon is all over the surprise to those of you house advantage and the best. Joined: Dec 5, Threads: 15 same, but you are putting. But you have to remember Posts: Chance sport bet 10th, at PM. Even place bets craps come betting system the say about these systems is high of HA, don't bother. Obviously Patrick is the smarter is an engaging writer and the Don't bets have a fractional advantage over the Do's. Side note, what the granny on these bets you will llikely come up with a. Assume you and your playing partner are playing the Doey Don't together. I also enjoy reading and can't help but to reply. Now of course he says that's what i heard. This should come as no by diehards on both ends come bets with double odds.

I love to play craps and would like your opinion on a conventional method of play. Pass line and two come bets with full double odds or with one come bet? Craps Betting System — Beat the House in Style · On the come-out roll, put down $5 on the pass line. · Before the come-out roll, start with $5 bets on the pass and​. Looking for a craps strategy that could work for you? If the roll results in a 2, your Don't Pass and Don't Come bets will pay out at , while the Field bet will.